Powering the next stage of citizen journalism

The advent of the smartphone was a turning point in the capture and proliferation of news media. Looping B-rolls of the aftermath, captured by professional news teams, has been replaced by compelling footage of unfolding events, thanks to the ubiquitous presence of ready-to-go cameras on large swaths of the general public.

The concept of citizen journalism is, of course, nothing new. But it is a role that experiences both evolutionary and revolutionary advancements thanks to the commoditization of technological breakthroughs. As it was revolutionized through the smartphone, and has continued to evolve through changes in social media, citizen journalism is going through yet another redefining change, thanks to the power of live, mobile video.

Citizen-captured footage provided a record of how the events unfolded, but through an after-the-fact medium. Social media provided up-to-the-minute updates, but often through less visual and size-constrained formats. And now live mobile video offers an unprecedented level of raw, instantaneous coverage.

Powering this next stage in citizen journalism is a passion for Stream, and we’ve attacked the innate challenges of live video ingest and distribution at consumer-level scales. With Stream, news outlets can engage, aggregate, and publish user generated content in realtime, while retaining access to archived footage for post production and VOD distribution channels.


Stream powering live from the crowd to the Jumotron during the NFL Jaguars Game.

While they may dominate the news cycle, the power of live mobile video extends beyond protests, politics, and natural disasters. Professional sports teams are already using Stream to create compelling fan engagement experiences through live, user generated content. Whether it be off-site viewing parties broadcasting to online digital properties, or giving the attendees in the stands a true fan cam experience, the intangible appeal of “live” is proving to be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of live event media.

If you’d like to see how the Stream Enterprise Portal can unlock powerful, two-way engagements with your viewing audience, send us an email today at sales@stream.live.

Stream Distributes Hurricane Footage to Publishers via its Citizen Journalism Platform.

Screenshot from a Live Stream during Hurricane Irma in South Carolina.

In lieu of the past and upcoming events, Stream has become a useful damage tracker for all things in this hurricane season. As a South-Eastern based company, hurricane season is always keeping us on our toes. While some choose to evacuate we always have the token few who remain in the city, out of bravery of course. During the most recent hurricane, Hurricane Irma, we got to see our platform used to support citizen journalism for natural disasters. Those who did evacuate were able to watch live streams that were brokered to media outlets around the US through Stream, receiving the most current newsworthy reporting of the flooding and wind damage that affected all. In situations like hurricane Irma, user-generated content is more important than ever before as news outlets are limited to resources available to capture the content they broadcast to the world.

While the Weather Channel does a spectacular job showing the worst parts of storm damage, it is only that..the worst parts. Having citizen journalists live streaming during natural disasters gives everyone the chance to see videos of destruction near areas that are most important to them.

Screenshot from a Live Stream during Hurricane Irma in Florida

When you evacuate and leave your life behind hoping that it will be there when you return is something no one wants to do. However, when you have no choice but to evacuate you want the newest and most timely updates that you could get! For the Texans whose homes were ruined and flooded, the updates that the rest of the world watched, was all they had to go reference.

Next time you are faced with a natural disaster or news of any kind, go live on Stream and contribute your video.

Want to leverage citizen journalists content for your publication contact us @ sales@stream.live


Are You Ready for the Eclipse?! Final Countdown: Less than 4 days


We are less than four days away to an iconic day in history, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. If you don’t know by now, Stream is powering the 57+ balloons that are going to launch across the United States on the line of totality. Read more about the Nasa grant program teams and Stream partnership, here.

On the day of the eclipse, the Stream team will be supporting all video distribution to ensure that everyone’s viewing experience is superb. We are thrilled to be working with NASA as well as the grant program teams. These teams are making a difference in the education of students all across America by getting them involved with all aspects of the ballooning project.

Fortunately, if you are not in the light of sight for the solar eclipse, you can watch it live on Stream as it passes over the United States. The view you will see from the balloons will be unlike any view that a human has ever witnessed. While the balloon rises to the edge of space, you will not only be able to see the shadow but get a view of the sun/earth from the atmosphere.

We want to ensure everyone’s safety during this event — please read more, here, on which certain eclipse glasses have been certified by NASA. Precautions should be taken during the eclipse as irreversible damage can be done.

Notable news mentions of the live streamed total solar eclipse

NBC — USAtoday — Mashable — Bostonglobe — NASA — BusinessInsider — astronomy.com — Lifehacker


ATTN use Stream to enable Citizen Journalism

In today’s world, media has become skewed toward ulterior motives. During high-risk events, news stations are going to show what they want you to see. Bystanders for such events now have the opportunity to go live or document it from their unique perspective, allowing the public to view all aspects of the situation. This is why Citizens Journalism has become not only important but relevant to the public sphere.


ATTN pushing live aggregated citizen journalism to their FB live powered by Stream


The media outlet ATTN creates content for individuals who consume it on social outlets, which is generally full of citizens journalism. ATTN understands the power of citizen journalism and turns it into articles or videos so the public can gather all the information in one place. ATTN is able to leverage Stream’s robust video platform to power ATTN’s citizen journalism effort. Whether it’s a rally or a speech ATTN can take all the live video content from observers and push it to their Facebook live and their hosted embed player bringing the traffic back to them.

As an example, during any heightened event around the world — you will see the new outlets going to Twitter to gather any citizens journalism information they can. Citizen journalism allows them to remain prompt on the details without having to hire a nation wide camera crew. Contact Stream today, to aggregate and push Live Citizen Journalism video to your media outlet before the next big event takes place.

The Power of Video: E-commerce Edition

If you have ever watched a live broadcast on HSN (Home Shopping Network) or QVC, the two largest Live shopping channels on TV, you understand how powerful live video is for shopping. For those of you who have not, imagine selling 40,000 products or more in just 24 hours. Most stores, online or not, only dream of hitting those numbers — let alone in 24 hours.

We understand that not everyone can be featured on the shopping networks, which is why live video in your online store could turn your audience into live consumers. Having a live or offline broadcast embedded on your page is critical for your customers. First, you are immediately eliminating the distraction of click bait from other websites. If you are broadcasting for an individual product, you can have that product shown directly below, so there is no interruption during the purchase period for consumers. A live broadcast can not only boost sales but also allows for immediate feedback from the customers that you are trying to reach. During a live HSN broadcast E! Networks Giuliana Rancic, also one of HSN’s many celebrity partners, tells customers how she changed parts of her clothing line because the majority of people called in with feedback for her, ”I literally know in real time how people are responding.” (racked.com) With critiques directly from your consumers, these results guide you to change your products so that they become a better fit for the market, thus generating more sales.

Amazon’s My Style Code; Powered by Stream

It is very often that online shoppers are stuck deciding whether they should or should not purchase something — it becomes difficult because they cannot see the product being used. With Stream’s embed player you can go live to reach your customers in real time answering any questions they may have to make the sale. With Stream you have the option to save the footage on the player in case individuals miss the live broadcast. Stream has powered e-commerce shows ranging from the Live MyStyleCode on Amazon to the ProShop stores for USL Soccer teams. With the lowest latency on the market, there is almost no delay from the consumer to the supplier while leveraging audience from social media. This kind of traction is unlike anything you would receive from any other product marketing.

Whether you are using a cell phone to power your live video or full production, your sales can boost tremendously. Contact Stream today to learn more about e-commerce is changing with live video.

CONTACT: Sales@stream.live


8 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Live Streaming Provider

When deciding on a live streaming platform to host your content, there are a few things to keep in mind. We have compiled a list of things that will guide you in making the ultimate decision of which live streaming provider to choose.

1. Ease of use

The last thing you need is another complicated system to learn and mess up your video workflow. With Stream, our entire system was built with you in mind when we built out the admin system. We want Stream to be the simple part of your event or broadcast. With your RTMP and embed player codes all accessible with one click there is little room for error.

2. Monetization

Monetizing your video is key when you are spending time, effort and money to create quality content. With Stream, you can easily monetize your video with VAST Ad integration. This is done inside of our admin portal — simply plug your ad URL then select with embed player you would like it to play on.

3. Price

Like most companies, we understand you have a budget to stick to. Fortunately, Stream is the most affordable streaming services out there. Want to learn more about how much money you can save?? Reach out to our sales team today → sales@stream.live

4. Customization

It’s your video content you want the player to look like it was supposed to be there. With Stream you have the option to remove the branding features all while having sleek pause/play buttons. The bright red play button is a thing of the past; it’s all about having a custom experience.

5. Features

While the streaming service is usually enough, having alternate features to create more compelling content is always a nice touch. For instance, Stream allows all enterprise account holders to enable Community Streaming which is the aggregation of user generated content pushed to their player. Check out how the Charleston Battery USL team uses UGC, here.

6. Technology

You might have read technology, and rolled your eyes because it is so obvious. However, it can be easy to forget that the companies who have been around for ages are most likely using outdated technology or worse technology they license from a third party. Luckily for you Stream has built all of its technology 100% in house with zero third party dependencies with bleeding edge protocols.

7. Support

Having support for live video is necessary. If you have ever been a part of a live video production you understand how stressful and important it is to have everything working properly. If it is not and there is no one to help you..well your live video will no longer be live. Did we mention Stream offers 24/7 support for enterprise customers?!

8. Viewing capability

Viewing capabilities are usually a given, but if you are streaming to those of us who are not super technical flash can cause some issues. Stream allows you to broadcast live video in numerous formats, so there is never a problem for the viewer. Check out our article on what to do if flash is a problem for you, here.

If you are still considering multiple live streaming services, we would be happy to walk through any questions you have. After all.. Stream is our name 😉

CONTACT STREAM: sales@stream.live

Spotlight: The Charleston Battery

Seattle Sounders vs. Charleston Battery

Amongst our customers, The Charleston Battery USL team utilizes almost every aspect of Stream. From user generated content in the stands to streaming the games to television networks in other countries.

Charleston Battery is an American professional soccer club based in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 1993, the team plays in the United Soccer League and is one of the oldest continuously operating professional soccer club in the United States. Charleston Battery is one of the most successful lower division soccer teams in the nation and we are happy to have them on Stream.

After implementing Stream into their production The Charleston Battery is able to reach a greater audience and push for more fan engagement. Every game for The Charleston Battery is not only live streamed, but that feed it pushed to to local TV stations as well as international stations. Stream provided them a solution to share their full production feed on a reliable network to reach a larger audience for their winning season. They also have fans using the crowdsourced solution to aggregate user generated content to their jumbotron. Their fans love having the opportunity to be featured on the massive jumbotron (image below).

The Jumbotron at MUSC Health Stadium.

If you head over to The Charleston Battery website — you will see Battery TV. They have organized their videos and players into a TV set up where viewers can decide which offline content they would like to see.

Stream gives them the opportunity not only to grow in viewers but give people the chance to watch the game wherever they are. Check out The Charleston Battery, here.

Once we added Stream to The Charleston Battery, it opened up many opportunities to reach an even larger audience. We now have a stable place for fans to watch and stay updated on all things Charleston Battery. Along with our views increasing dramatically it has trickled down into awareness, sales and an enhanced overall fan experience. Stream has been so great to work with, we are looking forward continuing our relationship for many years to come.” — Andrew Bell, The Charleston Battery President

Simulcast to Facebook Live


Stream now allows access to simulcast to Facebook Live. Whether you are streaming a pre-recorded video leading up to your event or just sharing the feed on Facebook — you can simulcast by clicking a button.

How to Simulcast on Stream

Log into your Enterprise account at stream.live/enterprise

2 — Once in your admin system; hover over the top left profile tab and select “Edit Profile”

3 — Use the Connect / Disconnect button to manage which account is connected to Facebook

4 — Once your account is connected you have the ability to send live streams to Facebook “On the Fly” or using the “Auto-Share” functionality (details below)

On the Fly

Live Steams can be shared individually to Facebook by navigating to the Stream card and selecting Share. You can also stop the Stream from going to Facebook by taking the same steps.


*Note: the (1) on the card indicates the number of social media outlets you are sharing too.


Live Steams can be shared individually to Facebook by navigating to the Stream card and selecting Share. You can also stop the Stream from going to Facebook by taking the same steps.

Individual Brand Reps or Admins can be set to Stream automatically to Facebook when they go live.

Individual RTMP Feeds can be configured to Stream to Facebook when they go live.

If you have any questions please contact enteprisesupport@stream.live or your account representative.

Unity Walk

Two years ago today, June 17, 2015, nine innocent lives were taken during a Bible Study inside of the Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. As people flocked together the city became one in mourning this tragedy. Today, they walk as one with love to over come the hate that they experienced.

Stream is sponsoring the remembrance walk by live streaming the event to spread the word all over the world. There will be a 20 minute processional march passing by the church and into a memorialized park.

Tune into unitywalk.live to watch the people in Charleston come together.

Hate won’t win movement leading 2016 walk

Schedule of the event:

9:00 AM Walkers assemble — Bells ring 9 times; March begins

9:10 AM Arrive at Church — Amazing Grace — Bells ring 5 more times

9:20 AM Move on to Gaillard

9:45 AM PROCESSION enters Gaillard Lawn

9:50 AM PRAYER — Dr. Brenda Nelson; Co-Chair EAMEC

9:55 AM WELCOME — Rev. Eric Manning, Mother Emanuel AME Church

10:10 AM OPENING TRIBUTE — Mayor John Tecklenburg

10:15 AM OCCASION — Polly Sheppard

10:30 AM UNVEILING CEREMONY — Ann Caldwell & The Magnolia Singers

10:35 AM INTRODUCTION of the Speaker — Alana Simmons

10:55 AM KEYNOTE SPEAKER — Jeffrey Robinson, ACLU

11:00 AMBENEDICTION — Rev. Eric S.C. Manning

11:30 AM FINALE — Jarell Smalls & Company


Summer Time Streaming

School is out, it’s time to Stream!

Finally, you have all the free time in the world (or until August-September) what are you going to do this summer?! Well whatever you do, Stream it to share with everyone! You can even make a couple extra bucks streaming, cash out your tip jar for real money!

This could be your summer to make it on the staff picks or top trending.

How might you ask? Well we have some ideas for you:
Are you hanging out with friends? Playing a sport, watching your favorite movie, doing nothing???? Stream it! There are always people who are waiting to watch and become a fan.

A few tips if you want this to be the summer where you gain the most followers: Go live as often as possible! You have to think of building an audience like you would build friendships — you have to keep at it or else it will fade away!! Having a unique talent is great and makes for extra fun content. However, you don’t have to have any talent; you can just be yourself and gain fans who follow you because of you!

Go live this summer and connect with your fans! Don’t forget to share it with your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (oh and tag us too @stream /@streamdotlive 😜 )