ATTN use Stream to enable Citizen Journalism

In today’s world, media has become skewed toward ulterior motives. During high-risk events, news stations are going to show what they want you to see. Bystanders for such events now have the opportunity to go live or document it from their unique perspective, allowing the public to view all aspects of the situation. This is why Citizens Journalism has become not only important but relevant to the public sphere.


ATTN pushing live aggregated citizen journalism to their FB live powered by Stream


The media outlet ATTN creates content for individuals who consume it on social outlets, which is generally full of citizens journalism. ATTN understands the power of citizen journalism and turns it into articles or videos so the public can gather all the information in one place. ATTN is able to leverage Stream’s robust video platform to power ATTN’s citizen journalism effort. Whether it’s a rally or a speech ATTN can take all the live video content from observers and push it to their Facebook live and their hosted embed player bringing the traffic back to them.

As an example, during any heightened event around the world — you will see the new outlets going to Twitter to gather any citizens journalism information they can. Citizen journalism allows them to remain prompt on the details without having to hire a nation wide camera crew. Contact Stream today, to aggregate and push Live Citizen Journalism video to your media outlet before the next big event takes place.

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