Summer Time Streaming

School is out, it’s time to Stream!

Finally, you have all the free time in the world (or until August-September) what are you going to do this summer?! Well whatever you do, Stream it to share with everyone! You can even make a couple extra bucks streaming, cash out your tip jar for real money!

This could be your summer to make it on the staff picks or top trending.

How might you ask? Well we have some ideas for you:
Are you hanging out with friends? Playing a sport, watching your favorite movie, doing nothing???? Stream it! There are always people who are waiting to watch and become a fan.

A few tips if you want this to be the summer where you gain the most followers: Go live as often as possible! You have to think of building an audience like you would build friendships — you have to keep at it or else it will fade away!! Having a unique talent is great and makes for extra fun content. However, you don’t have to have any talent; you can just be yourself and gain fans who follow you because of you!

Go live this summer and connect with your fans! Don’t forget to share it with your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (oh and tag us too @stream /@streamdotlive 😜 )


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